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Protect your Biggest Asset and keep your Home in Good Value. 

Most homeowners insurance policies cover all risks to your home, except a handful of exclusions, including neglect or intentional damage. This broad coverage offers protection against the most common threats to your home.

You choose your coverage limits when you purchase your policy. Our seasoned insurance advisors can help you determine your home’s rebuild value, helping to ensure you have enough protection.

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The Most Popular Homeowners Insurance Policies.

Coverage A - Dwelling 

The dwelling coverage for your home protects the home structure itself as well as attached fixtures, including counters, floors, plumbing, and more.

Coverage B- Other structures

Many homes have sheds, fences, gazebos, or detached garages. Coverage B protects these other structures using the same all-risk coverage available for your home. Standard policies set the coverage limit for other structures at 10% of your home’s insured value. Customize your policy limits to suit your needs.

Coverage C- Personal Property

While Coverage A protects your home itself, Coverage C protects the things that make a house a home. Your policy covers your belongings at your home or even when you travel.

Coverage D- Additional Living expenses

If a covered claim forces you to leave your home while repairs are completed, your policy can pay for your additional living expenses, including hotels or the extra cost of eating out. Like other parts of your policy, you can choose your coverage limit for additional living expenses.

Coverage E- Personal Liability Insurance

Your home insurance policy protects against many personal liability risks such as dog bites, accidental injuries, slip and fall accidents on your property, and more. Your liability coverage can also pay for accidental damage to the property of others, such as a game of catch that ends with a neighbor’s broken window.

Coverage F- Medical Payments

Available with coverage limits of up to $5,000, Coverage F can pay the medical expenses for minor injuries caused to others, regardless of who is at fault.


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